Sunday, 12 October 2014

Volvo In 6x6


  1. Oh damn Your 6 x 6 photographs make me fall in love with Hasselblad! Too bad it is so expensive. I will make itmy life goal to shoot with it one day though. The last one is particularly stunning.

    1. Ahhh once again Kasia, these beautiful comments always make my day and I am struggling to take them! Thank you so much for your time to check my workflow it means so much to me.

      One day you will have one I am confident that you will :), If you are in London one day you can try mine! Hasselblad is quite hard to use. It took me some very hard refining to use it effectively and that took me a year.

      The last is actually my favourite one too, I even posted it on flickr :)

    2. Deal, once I am in London you will give me a lesson of using it before I decide to buy my own. My camera collection is so small, I am actually going to buy my third camera this fall, possibly Canon AE 1, because everyone seems to love it.

    3. Haha awesome :) it will be my pleasure! I am still a newbie with it so I am still learning. Your collection will be fantastic very soon. Oh nice I love the Canon AE-1, my favourite I take it with everywhere!